New Additions–Motorcycles

Last year I decided I wanted to ride motorbikes again. Initially it was just to save fuel, so I bought a 2005 Kawasaki KILR650 with 41 000km on the clock in great condition for a bargain price. My good mate Greg Southon serviced her to be sure and away I went. However a few months later the bug bit harder and I had to get another. By the way, the photos show my garage in a bad state. It has two different types of racks now and a shelf, and I’m still building more to pimp her up…


So I looked around and always wanted a proper superbike and loved the sound of v-twins. Unfortunately to buy a modern v-twin is not only difficult as there is less choice, but the prices are very severe. I eventually found a 2000 model Honda VTR1000 SP1, the RC51 that Colin Edwards use to win one of the superbike world championships back in the day with. It’s 100kW (my other bike has around 33 and that is pretty cool for flying away from traffic already) so the Honda is very powerful it has a crap load of torque. She’s quite an animal, capable of 0-200 in around 7 seconds, top speed 272 km/h I believe Smile

And the sound it makes if the stuff of dreams. But I am taking it easy. I have no intentions of dying, neither of ending up in prison or injuring someone else. Luckily my father bought me a 125cc (Suzuki RGT) in 1998 when I was just 16 and I learnt to ride a bike then already. Otherwise I think I would just end myself on one of these beasts without the prior knowledge, and respect. Below a few pics. Ride safe!! Cheers, Adrian.

13Oct2012_SS_02_E1_800_BLANK333026_10152015001165484_528705931_o411558_10152015021165484_758093192_o616760_10152015011085484_2122914574_o20121020_161150_E1_CRFILE0010_E1FILE0013_E1_CRFILE0014_E1_CRHome_7OCT12_1_E1 copyHonda_30SEP12_5_E1 copyHonda_30SEP12_7_E1 copyHondai_17SEP12_3_E1Hondai_17SEP12_6_E1Hondai_17SEP12_8_E1Hondai_17SEP12_9_E1Hondai_17SEP12_10_E1Hondai_17SEP12_15_E1



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