Table Mountain and India Venster

Usually when I’m hiking Table Mountain I just take a few photos with my phone. But every now and then I take my DSLR up and get a few shots. From a variety of different hikes, here are a few randoms. I really do need to get out more often and take the camera with. A cell phone just simply cannot capture the stunning mornings and evenings we have here.

Random_21April14_107_E1 copy

Hike_3May14_57_E1 copy

Woodhead dam wall. Built in 1897, it is 277 m long and 50 m high. Built of stone, it a masonry gravity dam, which, straight from the Wikipedia says, “A gravity dam is a dam constructed from concrete or stone masonry and designed to hold back water by primarily utilizing the weight of the material alone to resist the horizontal pressure of water pushing against it.”

Random_21April14_115_E1 copy

Protea cynaroides, the king protea.

Random_21April14_111_E1 copy

Another king protea that had yet to open.

Random_21April14_107_E1 copy

If you start well before dawn and hike up India Venster in summer, you’ll be surely greeted with a sunrise like this. More info on the route here:

Random_21April14_90_E1_CR copy

Random_21April14_76_E1 copy

The view from the India Venster hiking route onto Lion’s Head.

Random_21April14_55_E1 copy

Random_21April14_45_E1 copy

Random_21April14_39_E1_CR copy

Random_21April14_36_E1 copy

Random_21April14_16_E1 copy

As you finish off the India Venster route you wrap around on Fountain Ledge, this is view looking south down the Twelve Apostles.

Random_21April14_5_E1 copy

India Venster has some steep sections. Be careful as several people have been killed and seriously injured here.

IndiaV_3Jan14_HDR2 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_HDR1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_180_E1_CR copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_176_E1 copy

The steep section on India Venster that claimed several lives in the past. There are stainless staples in the rock as of May 2009. ClimbZA says the route is a Grade C (US 4th class).

IndiaV_3Jan14_159_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_158_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_152_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_144_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_141_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_140_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_139_E1 copy

Devil’s Peak.

IndiaV_3Jan14_138_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_137_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_132_E1 copy

Rock hyrax, commonly known as the dassie. Very interesting animals, you should read up about them.

IndiaV_3Jan14_130_E1_CR copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_123_E1_CR copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_116_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_113_E1_CR copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_110_E1 copy

Lion’s Head.

IndiaV_3Jan14_109_E1_CR copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_104_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_99_E1_CR copy

Signal Hill.

IndiaV_3Jan14_95_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_92_E1 copy

Devil’s Peak.

IndiaV_3Jan14_88_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_79_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_70_E1_CR copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_69_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_61_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_54_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_53_E1 copy

IndiaV_3Jan14_52_E1 copy

Hike_3May14_75_E1 copy

Somewhere along the back table.

TM_13_June_15_5_E1 copy

TM_13_June_15_6_E1 copy

TM_13_June_15_10_E1 copy

TM_13_June_15_4_E1 copy

Looking up from Fountain Ledge. There is excellent trad climbing to be found here. No sport climbing, no bolts.


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