First Half of Winter 2012 – Surf Kayaking

In between being a bit too busy for my liking I’ve managed to score several surf kayaking sessions outside of my house. A couple of these I filmed with a cool new camera from a company called CamOne, the model being the Infinity. These are all screenshots from video footage.


The boats I’m using are both Fluid Elements, both composite. The green one is a medium, and the red/maroon one a large size.


Getting some video of my mate Jonno surfing on his longboard.


Light SE wind is cross offshore here. Really cleans up the face. If big conditions it’s perfect for bodyboarding or surfing, and if the wind is pumping, as it does in summer – perfect for windsurfing. I can’t wait for summer now Smile



Jonno with a piece of kelp that had attached itself to an old shoe…


This is the CamOne Infinity which was used to capture these shots (only screenshots from video this time round) and the video below. Available here in South Africa. Click HERE

And a short video clip below:

Surf Kayaking 1 August 2012 from Adrian Tregoning on Vimeo.


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