Windsurfing Brandvlei- 18 June 2016

This past Saturday Niell Taylor, Sébastien Rohner and I took a drive up to Brandvlei. Whilst I had been there a few times before, Niell and Seb had not. So off we went in Niell’s bakkie, much to the amusement of Niell as Seb and I loaded our hordes of equipment onto the roof whilst his kite board hid quietly under the canopy. I must say, it is tough being a windsurfer sometimes. But still, I’ll stick with it after all these years of sailing.


Brandvlei works in a NW and SE wind. When Cape Town has almost nothing from the NW, Brandvlei will blow. The day before the front is the day. Be sure to go early. Also, if you like 40 and 50 knot winds then this is also your dam of choice as it gets seriously strong here. Look at the WindGuru reading, double it and add 4 knots. I got that beta from a very friendly kiter called Charl who lives in De Doorns. The Guru said 9 knots – Seb kept saying are you sure there’ll be wind?! Of course! True to form, we got some excellent wind, whilst Cape Town got, well, nothing. I sailed 5.6 on a 95 litre wave board (I’m 92 kg and my freestyle board is in for repairs. And 5.6 is my biggest sail anyway) whilst Seb was on a 4.7 and Niell took out his 7 square metre kite, although he could have probably gone on the 9 he says.

About 20 other kiters joined us. And I saw Angus sail up from the yacht club. A very friendly and chilled vibe on the water – everyone is super relaxed and there is zero tension. The water is ice cold, the scenery is fantastic and the launch has soft sand. What more can one ask for? I love Brandvlei, winter or summer it works. I’m not sure how the SE works, but it does I am told. But then I’d surely stay home and sail here.

Brand_18June2016_1_E1 copy


Brand_18June2016_5_E1 copy

Sébastien heading out.

Brand_18June2016_15_E1 copyBrand_18June2016_29_E1 copy

Easy parking, perfect.

Brand_18June2016_62_E1 copyBrand_18June2016_76_E1_CR copyBrand_18June2016_78_E1 copyBrand_18June2016_82_E1 copyBrand_18June2016_88_E1 copyBrand_18June2016_106_E1 copyBrand_18June2016_135_E1 copyBrand_18June2016_140_E1_CR copyBrand_18June2016_179_E1 copyBrand_18June2016_190_E1 copyBrand_18June2016_211_E1_CR copyBrand_18June2016_242_E1_CR

Myself heading in. I sailed the first hour with my wetsuit unzipped. In 17 years I have never done that!


Seb and I cruising.


Niell pulling the standard zap sign as I was about to spray him, hence I am unhooked.


Look ma no hands. The wind was ultra constant. Best flatwater session I have had in a long time.



One thought on “Windsurfing Brandvlei- 18 June 2016

  1. Great article and pics. Amazing how that can be blowing even if Cape Town gets nothing. Also surprised to hear that it was not gusty. The water looks very flat as well. Looks like a great session.

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