Adrian Waterman Tregoning – Introduction

On April the 6th 2006 I posted my first article on my kayaking website, At that stage I just wrote the article and threw up some photos with the intention of sharing it with my friends. I’d been paddling since April 2004 but had felt the need to get something out there as it was simply ‘fun’. This fun transformed into quite a monster which resulted in over 200 detailed articles at the time of this writing covering most parts of South Africa, as well as adventures from the Zambezi River, Sweden, Norway, West Sumatra and as of next week Central Java too. Along the way I had a huge amount of fun and have managed to get 7 different companies to sponsor my paddling, which certainly helped a huge amount. But that website transformed into solely a paddling site, and that is the way I wish it to remain. The original website will not change in its main goal nor will it die a slow death – it remains moving forward as is.


My plan for this ‘blog’ is to post a few of my non-paddling sports and missions through life. Apart from whitewater kayaking I enjoy a host of other sports too. Windsurfing since December 1999, bodyboarding since late 2008, fishing all my life, chess, aquariums etc. During this time photography became a part of my life and has also grown into a small obsession of sorts, but obviously in a good way. So this blog will simply showcase a few of my photos and perhaps the odd rambling in terms of written content with the ambition of sharing it with my friends and also a few strangers so that they can be motivated to go out there and create their own adventures and live life the best way it can possibly be lived. We’re only here for a short time and our lives can be snuffed out in the blink of an eye so go out there and live! I’m quite certain that I’ll create the time needed to keep the fire alive here as I seem to have the habit of burning candles on both ends and keeping busy so I promise to throw something up at least once every two weeks.

There is a smattering of photos that I threw into the article to spice it up and you’ll notice I kept the blog’s look to a dark background that has enabled the photographs to be best viewed and post photos that are 800 pixels wide as let’s face it, everyone wants to see pretty pictures.


Table View, Cape Town. Photo by Trevor Tregoning.


Table View, Cape Town. Photo by Trevor Tregoning.

Caves_15_Dec_2009_034_E2 copy


Caves_15_Dec_2009_163_E1_CR copy

Caves. Photo by Braam Rademeyer.


Corner, Melkbosstrand. Photo by Andrew Pollock.

DSC_0042_E1 copy

Dragon’s Peak Park.


Dwars River. Photo by Leon Pieters.

Dwars_30_August 2009_282_E1_BW

Dwars Rivers. Photo by Rowan Walpole.

Dwars_30_August 2009_475_E1

Dwars River. Photo by Uno de Waal.


Myself, fishing with Michael Schubert.


Haakgat. Photo by Farrah Higgs.


Kraalbaai, Langebaan Lagoon. Photo by Anni Tregoning.


Kraalbaai, Langebaan Lagoon. Photo by Anni Tregoning.


Kraalbaai, Langebaan Lagoon. Photo by Trevor Tregoning.

 Langebaan_28_July_2010_288_E1_CRP copy

Kraalbaai, Langebaan Lagoon.


Tubewave, Melkbosstrand. Photo by Anni Tregoning.


Tubewave, Melkbosstrand. Photo by Anni Tregoning.


Lagoon Beach. Photo by Robert Weyer.


Smalblaar River. Photo by Braam Rademeyer.


Hotel Rapid, Molenaars River. Photo by Johnny Heatlie.


Noordhoek. Photo by Michael Schubert. Noordhoek_24_February_2010_151_E1_CR

Noordhoek. Photo by Michael Schubert. Random_13_January_2010_001_E2_CR Rietvlei_20_January_2009_401_E1_CRP

Rietvlei. Photo by Chris de Börg. Steelpoort_Vaal_30_31_January_2010_146_E1_CR

Steelpoort River. Photo by Luke Longridge. Steelpoort_Vaal_30_31_January_2010_405_E1

Vaal River. Photo by Sean Jackson. Steelpoort_Vaal_30_31_January_2010_456_E1Vaal River. Photo by Luke Longridge.


Vaal River. Photo by Luke Longridge. Sunset_Beach_18_February_2012_088_E1_CRP

Sunset Beach. Photo by Laurent Orlandini. SunsetB_23_Dec_333_E1

Sunset Beach. Photo by Trevor Tregoning. SunsetB_23_Dec_360E_E1_CR

Sunset Beach. Photo by Trevor Tregoning. SunsetB_23_Dec_387_E1_CR

Sunset Beach. Photo by Trevor Tregoning. Surf_trip_March_2011_182_E1_CR

Kuerbooms River Mouth. Photo by Michael Schubert. Surf_trip_March_2011_305_E1_CRSelf portrait…


Kraalbaai, Langebaan Lagoon. Photo by Michael Schubert. Vubu_17_to_25_April_2010_372_E1_SPECIAL

Umzimvubu River, 3rd ever descent of this section of river.  Vubu_17_to_25_April_2010_470_E1

Umzimvubu River. Photo by Scott Reinders.  Witte_9_June_2010_170_E1

Witte River. Photo by Ant Hoard.  Witte_9_June_2010_293_E1

Witte River. Photo by Abrie Swanepoel.  Witte_12_October_2010_191_E1_CR

Witte River. Photo by Leon Pieters. Witte_23_October_2010_154_E1

Witte River. Photos by Abrie Swanepoel.   Yzerfontein_7_January_2012_022_E1_CR

Yzerfontein. Photo by Laurent Orlandini. Yzerfontein_10_11_12_August_2010_129_E1_CRYzerfontein. Photo by Justin Abrams.

In case you are wondering, I live in Cape Town, South Africa! I’ve not given this article too much thought but I’ll end with my favourite quotation, “How could I know, that the days that passed along was life itself?”
– Steinar “Ibsen” Willassen

Photography by: Adrian Tregoning. Unless otherwise stated.
Words by: Adrian Tregoning.


2 thoughts on “Adrian Waterman Tregoning – Introduction

  1. Nice job! I need to get some of your pictures.Difficult to think of bringing a USB stick when we go sailing… your site just so how it’s important to take pictures of all these moments.Maybe I should start to bring my camera as well. keep well.

    • Yeah for sure. I love taking photos!! It’s also about the excellent memories. Must go and camp at Yzerfontein sometime when the wind forecast is high… Good times will be had 🙂

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