June/July 2012 Sunsets

This past while we’ve had some amazing sunsets. Here’s a couple which I really enjoyed. These were all taken on the West Coast of South Africa, Cape Town from where I live. All photography by Adrian Tregoning. Enjoy Smile

DSC_7816_E1 copy



Adrian Waterman Tregoning – Introduction

On April the 6th 2006 I posted my first article on my kayaking website, adrian.playak.com. At that stage I just wrote the article and threw up some photos with the intention of sharing it with my friends. I’d been paddling since April 2004 but had felt the need to get something out there as it was simply ‘fun’. This fun transformed into quite a monster which resulted in over 200 detailed articles at the time of this writing covering most parts of South Africa, as well as adventures from the Zambezi River, Sweden, Norway, West Sumatra and as of next week Central Java too. Along the way I had a huge amount of fun and have managed to get 7 different companies to sponsor my paddling, which certainly helped a huge amount. But that website transformed into solely a paddling site, and that is the way I wish it to remain. The original website will not change in its main goal nor will it die a slow death – it remains moving forward as is.