Short, almost sweet and super windy

Yesterday I went out for a quick windsurf. There were basically no waves, but I had a mate over who was willing to take a few photos, so out I went.




Whales–Sorry No Windsurfing Today

I got home from work today and checked out conditions. The wind was strong, in the region of rigging a 4.2, but no waves, damn.


LagoonB_23_Feb15_2_E1 copy



Watersports and Your Ears

Many of us spend some of our free time in the water. How many of us are aware of surfer’s ear? I’m guessing not that many. I was one of those average people out there just having a blast in the water, not having a care in the world. After a few years I had heard about surfer’s ear, but like many things in life, I just thought, “Nah, that won’t happen to me”, and I continued…

Orange River 2013

August last year, the annual Gravity Adventure Festival, I didn’t even want to go but my mates Greg Southon, Mark Manchip and Chris Bond convinced me otherwise despite my moaning of the crowds and general lack of motivation. The weather was excellent, with winds gusting 140 km/h. Our tent tore, it poured with rain – very interesting. But we went so massive on the Friday night it didn’t even matter. Greg drinking some five beers before a trail run on the Friday night and coming in the top 3 and half frozen brings back a smile to my face. He showed those slackers.

Paragliding – 2013

Last year I successfully completed my paragliding license and yes, I’m super stoked. In fact when I sit down and think back to the last few months of my life a wry smile creeps onto my face and I can kick back my feet with a feeling of deep satisfaction over the events that have transpired. Not only because I am flying but just because life is bloody good in general of late. It has not been without effort though, but the missions have been very worthwhile. The only irritating thing has been the serious lack of big, hollow waves. But hey, you can’t have it all.

Hermanus_25Jan14_36_E1 copy


Paragliding – The First Week

It was a hot sunny day somewhere between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund in Namibia. I was driving along with my father, probably around the age of 12 to 14, and we spotted two guys with paragliders up on the dunes. My pops, being as adventurous as he is, decided we’d hike up and talk to them. They claimed conditions were poor and very safe so rigged us up immediately – what did we know?! I took off and flew all the way down, making a slight left and right turn as per their instructions and when they shouted flare from the top, I did just that – it was simply out of this world. Another seed had been planted in my mind that day. The same as in December 1999 when my dad took me rafting on the Zambezi River. I saw those kayakers and that’s what I wanted to do, and look what happened. I’ve been kayaking now for ten years, was  sponsored for seven years by a variety of companies and even made choices which negatively affected my working career but gave me back life experiences which are indeed absolutely priceless. Those first moments made indelible impressions on my young mind and the thoughts were nurtured through cutting out pictures in magazines and collecting them and simply staring at them and dreaming and wanting to do it, even though I didn’t have the resources or know how. Eventually those dreams become reality and this week I finally managed to start paragliding!!!


Myself at Hermanus. 3 July 2013. Photo by Barry Pedersen.


New Additions–Motorcycles

Last year I decided I wanted to ride motorbikes again. Initially it was just to save fuel, so I bought a 2005 Kawasaki KILR650 with 41 000km on the clock in great condition for a bargain price. My good mate Greg Southon serviced her to be sure and away I went. However a few months later the bug bit harder and I had to get another. By the way, the photos show my garage in a bad state. It has two different types of racks now and a shelf, and I’m still building more to pimp her up…



First Half of Winter 2012 – Surf Kayaking

In between being a bit too busy for my liking I’ve managed to score several surf kayaking sessions outside of my house. A couple of these I filmed with a cool new camera from a company called CamOne, the model being the Infinity. These are all screenshots from video footage.



Bodyboarding – Lagoon Beach – 27 July 2012

Two Fridays ago a few of us got together at my house and hit the waves.


Myself (left) and Herman Visagie (right)


Windsurfing–Sunset Beach–18 February 2012

Ok, so this was a few months ago, but for a change we got a few photos, even if the waves were very crap! Thanks to Laurent Orlandini. I’ve just switched over to Hot Sails Maui sails and masts and am really loving them. Obviously not all my stuff as I haven’t won the lotto yet but now I have a 5.0 Firelight (awesome), and also a 4.5 and 3.7 (or was it 3.6) Bolt. The Bolt is also very, very lekker. With their skinny masts, if you break a half, you can buy a half, for half the price. That really sold me!