Dubai Aquarium

In April 2015 I went on a trip to the UAE, Cambodia and Thailand. Although I will throw up some photos of my time in Dubai, I thought I’d quickly chuck in a few photos of our visit to the Dubai Aquarium.

2015_Trip_160_E1 copy

It was quite enjoyable, more so because I have an aquarium at home and have always enjoyed the hobby. The main attraction of the aquarium is that huge tank which you can view from inside the Dubai Mall for free. But to walk through the tunnel you have to pay, of course. And in Dubai everything is expensive once you get started. And of course King Croc, who is the 5+ metre 750 kg saltwater croc. He is impressive, no doubt. But I still feel sorry for such a magnificent creature to be holed up like that.

Just as a tip, if you take those bus tours (the red route, blue route etc.) you get free entry into the Dubai Aquarium, so that will save you some bucks. We didn’t go that route, so be smarter than us. The mall itself is the largest in the world. It attracts more visitors than New York City! (source: Wikipedia)


And below some pics, till later.

2015_Trip_15_E1 copy

The aquarium used to be higher, but the glass broke a while back, causing major havoc.

2015_Trip_16_E1 copy2015_Trip_18_E1 copy2015_Trip_36_E1 copy2015_Trip_39_E1_CR copy2015_Trip_43_E1 copy2015_Trip_46_E1_CR copy2015_Trip_50_E1 copy2015_Trip_62_E1_CR copy2015_Trip_69_E1 copy2015_Trip_76_E1 copy2015_Trip_83_E1_CR copy2015_Trip_88_E1 copy2015_Trip_98_E1 copy2015_Trip_102_E1 copy2015_Trip_124_E1 copy2015_Trip_130_E1 copy2015_Trip_147_E12015_Trip_153_E1 copy2015_Trip_156_E1 copy2015_Trip_160_E1 copy2015_Trip_168_E1 copy


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