Short, almost sweet and super windy

Yesterday I went out for a quick windsurf. There were basically no waves, but I had a mate over who was willing to take a few photos, so out I went.


I rigged a 4.5, being fairly sure I would be overpowered, and knew it wouldn’t be a long session. When I got onto the water it had picked up even more and I thought a 3.7 would have been better. A real shame, as I was hoping to grow some balls to do some more loop attempts, but in the name of good health I decided ultra overpowered would not be ideal conditions to try some more. So the session was relatively uneventful and managed a few chop hops and got the blood flowing. Shot for the photos Piet! Much appreciated.

It’s actually not smart to be riding little waves like this, hence my nervous look. Very shallow water and a recipe to hurt yourself and your equipment.


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