Whales–Sorry No Windsurfing Today

I got home from work today and checked out conditions. The wind was strong, in the region of rigging a 4.2, but no waves, damn.


LagoonB_23_Feb15_2_E1 copy



As I stood thinking it was probably too late to drive to Sunset Beach, I spotted some whales. Well that made my decision easy. I had two near misses in winter with two pods of whales on the same day which resulted in a near miss by maybe three metres…. So I thought, not again. I went inside and played some chess, hoping they’d bugger off. 45 minutes later I looked again and they were super close, so I grabbed the camera. By then I would have been on a 3.7 and with tiny little waves and more whales I thought no chance. Hopefully tomorrow. Here are the pics:

LagoonB_23_Feb15_22_E1_CR copyLagoonB_23_Feb15_27_E1_CR copyLagoonB_23_Feb15_38_E1_CR copyLagoonB_23_Feb15_55_E1 copyLagoonB_23_Feb15_70_E1 copyLagoonB_23_Feb15_71_E1_CR copy


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