Windsurfing–Sunset Beach–18 February 2012

Ok, so this was a few months ago, but for a change we got a few photos, even if the waves were very crap! Thanks to Laurent Orlandini. I’ve just switched over to Hot Sails Maui sails and masts and am really loving them. Obviously not all my stuff as I haven’t won the lotto yet but now I have a 5.0 Firelight (awesome), and also a 4.5 and 3.7 (or was it 3.6) Bolt. The Bolt is also very, very lekker. With their skinny masts, if you break a half, you can buy a half, for half the price. That really sold me!


I was sailing a 85 litre board this day, and a 4.5 Bolt.



4.5 Hot Sails Maui Bolt. Love this sail… Going to be using it a lot this summer again!


The lovely skinny masts. So far, so good!


Myself heading out. Photo by Laurent Orlandini.Sunset_Beach_18_February_2012_073_E1_CRSunset_Beach_18_February_2012_075_E1_CR


Myself still. Photo by Laurent Orlandini.


Myself upwind (left) and a RETARD who doesn’t know the rules of the water and has messed up a wave for me. Thanks mate. Don’t they teach the rules in Europe? If not, stay at home. Photo by Laurent Orlandini.



And more of myself before I swopped over with Laurent. Photo by Laurent Orlandini.

Sunset_Beach_18_February_2012_153_E1 copy

Looking down the line towards Blouberg. Plenty kiters having a blast!

Sunset_Beach_18_February_2012_171_E1_CR copy

Laurent having fun.

Sunset_Beach_18_February_2012_177_E1 copy

Sunset Beach on a very tiny day. At least it was quite windy. I was on a 4.5.

Sunset_Beach_18_February_2012_184_E1 copySunset_Beach_18_February_2012_187_E1_CR copySunset_Beach_18_February_2012_188_E1_CR copy


Sunset_Beach_18_February_2012_196_E1_CR copySunset_Beach_18_February_2012_197_E1_CR copySunset_Beach_18_February_2012_198_E1_CR copy

Laurent getting creamed Smile

Sunset_Beach_18_February_2012_211_E1_CR copySunset_Beach_18_February_2012_212_E1_CR copy

And the final two pics of Laurent too.


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